Marathon Journey Day 26: Life-Changing

I don’t think this marathon is going to be life-changing. Based on the last one not being life-changing.

I’m pretty sure running a marathon is on that list of life-changing events. With, I don’t know, skydiving, climbing Kiliminjaro, learning how to spell Kiliminjaro, other shit like that.

And I’m sure those things are life-changing for people. For me? Eh.

Look, let’s not take it away from anyone else. But for me, I was running a lot, I ran some more, and then I ran the most. But it wasn’t like this huge change in life course or something. It wasn’t like an eye-opening experience of vast wonder. It was just the extreme end of something that I was already doing.

One time I tried to jerk off 25 times in 24 hours. I didn’t make it, but I ended with a pretty respectable number, which is a funny term for a number in this case as I DID lose some self-respect to attain it. I was about to say it was a “decent” number, but a similar problem applies.

The truth of the matter, the ugly truth, is that it was a big increase in something that I was already doing. Rather than being a total 180, it was like a…77? It was less degrees to make the turn is what I’m saying.

Marathon was the same deal. It wasn’t a total life turnaround for me. It was just a push in a direction I was already going.

Running a marathon is like trying to jerk off 25 times in 24 hours is what I’m saying. I guess.