Marathon Journey: Day 24

There’s this book called Ultramarathon Man. In it, this dude, Dean Karnazes, talks about running ultramarathons.

Which was pretty incredible, but not more incredible than his diet.

Once, in the middle of a long run, he ordered a pizza:

Half an hour later a pizza-delivery driver pulled up. As you may imagine, he was somewhat confused, having never delivered a pizza to a guy out running before. Thankfully I’d thought through my on-the-go dining strategy prior to placing the order. Although I wanted a large pizza, I knew that attempting to run with a bulky cardboard pizza box wouldn’t be easy. So I requested a thin-crust pizza, unsliced. When I got it, I removed the entire thing, rolled it up like a big Italian burrito, and ate as I ran. It was a sloppy mess, tomato sauce and cheese dripping everywhere. But it was so tasty. Of course, the carb high was inevitably replaced by a brutalizing low point. My joints hurt, and my guts were rebelling, too. Still, I lumbered on.

He’d also drink coffee, lots of it, in the middle of running.

I guess he’s cleaned up his diet these days, eats paleo or something. He’s like 50 now. I think when you start to age, you can’t eat a pizza rolled up while you’re running anymore. I say that like it’s a wild theory. Most of us can’t do that while we’re sitting on a couch, although god knows we’ve tried. Us brave few, we’ve tried.

I was jealous of his pizza and coffee runs. I mean, that sounded like the best of all worlds. Be in great shape, nobody an argue with that, and eat like shit. THAT’S living!

Maybe I’ll get me a pizza roll and try it on one of these runs. Get some of those Totino’s pizza rolls and eat them like people eat energy gels. That’d be the life.