Marathon Journey: Day 18

You know those white oval stickers that say 26.2 or 13.1 in them? I saw one on an electrician’s truck that said 0.0

I wasn’t sure if this was making fun of runners or if this might’ve been some inside joke for electricians. And I didn’t care enough to google it for long enough to find out for sure.

That’s the thing. Any more, ALL information is available, it’s just a matter of whether your curiosity will run out of steam. Or your curiosity will be like, “Eh, let’s save it for something else. Like whether if you got a transplant with someone else’s balls you’d make your sperm or their sperm or someone else’s.”

I did find this image from an etsy store. Which seems to be profiting from anyone who runs, doesn’t run, or runs .06 miles, which I’m not sure what that means either. All I know for sure is this person is making a buck, screw how.