Marathon Journey: Day 14

This was the first long run that felt like a REALLY long run.

Also, I downloaded a couple movie commentary tracks. Yes. That’s where I’ve gone for entertainment.

I started with a Kevin Smith movie because I figured it’d have a lot of interesting shit. It didn’t, but mostly because I’d end up hearing it all on his podcast. So I should clarify: It was interesting, but at this point I’d heard it. He DID have lots of good things to say about Alan Rickman, and also about the shorts Alan Rickman wore to make him smooth downtown, like a Ken doll.

Oh, and also, Ben Affleck said that the original Dogma script was really, really great, something I’d heard somewhere else too, and now I’m curious if it’s available online or something…

Then I started in on a Demolition Man commentary. This was amazing.

Mostly because they talked about the cryo prison at the beginning and how they froze a molded version of Stallone inside, and how Stallone was involved in the making of the molded version to make sure the penis was decent-looking. And I guess there are lots of these at Planet Hollywoods, or were at the time of the recording. Which made me realize that there are full-sized Stallone dummies frozen in a fake block of ice somewhere out there. Multiple!

Nothing gets you finished on a run quicker than wanting to dive on eBay. Which I’ve only used to buy old Halloween getups, this search for a Demolition Man dummy, and to see if anyone’s selling a piece of the Aggro Crag from Nickelodeon’s Guts from time to time.