Marathon Journey: Day 10

Last night was a cross-training day. So I hit the gymnasium. Not too long ago, when I used the word “gymnasium,” someone commented “I haven’t heard someone use the word ‘gymnasium’ since elementary school.” It’s true, most people say they’re… Continue Reading

Review: It

It by Stephen King My rating: 5 of 5 stars It’s great. Duh. Also, the longest book I’ve ever read. You might think you get it from the movie. But the first movie doesn’t do IT justice. Or do it… Continue Reading

Mambos 6-10

Mambo #6: List of weird venues where Lou Bega performed “Mambo #5.” Mambo #7: List of women Lou Bega did not sleep with, but sort of wished he had. Mambo #8: List of women Loud Bega did not sleep with,… Continue Reading

Goodbye, Denis

Denis Johnson has passed away, and it’s a pretty sad minute here. Johnson was inspiration for a lot of us. And de-inspiration too. Sometimes a really great piece of writing spurs you on, and sometimes it’s so good as to… Continue Reading