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Nailed Magazine

Worry Warts



I’m working as a columnist for LitReactor! If you like what you see anywhere on this web site, one of the best ways to support me is to share these columns, and if you’re feeling extra charitable, buy a book. I do news as well, and if you’re interested in everything I’ve done for the site, you can click here.

Let’s Read About Sex

Elegy For A Dead World: The Poetry Game

Boozing Like Famous Writers

What In The Hell Is Wild Animus?

32 Valentines: Showing Love For Books And Writers

Crazy In Love: 5 Authors And Their Stalkers

The Art and Necessity of Love Letters

Ready Writer One: Interview With Gabe Durham of Boss Fight Books

Crappy New Year: 5 Failed Writing Resolutions

Give: Volunteer Your Cow Fart Knowledge As A Writer

Survive The Holiday Party, Leave With Material

Create Your Own Wikipedia Tome

5 Things Bodybuilders Know That Writers Don’t

The Pleasures of Writing At Night

Locked Up: Books for My Father

In Defense of Chelsea Cain

Testing Lab: Gifts for Writers

Can We Build It? 5 DIY Bookshelves

Should You Be Reading Archie Comics?

On Weed: Should Writers Write While High?

White Guilt: 10 Books For The Betterment Of The Straight White Male

Culling Your To-Be-Read List

Bible Thumping: The Good Book For Writers

Eat Lightning, Write Thunder: Writing Lessons From Rocky Balboa

Offer The Coffee Branch: A Plea For Peace From A Coffee Shop Writer

Book Breakups: Tell The Story, Break Up With A Bad Book

9 Great Poop Reads: Taking Literary Structures From Classroom To Bathroom

Cultured Vultures

Here you can find my page for Cultured Vultures. So far I’ve got a column about fancy men’s underwear and a column about the time I tried Kim Kardashian’s Fit In Your Jeans By Friday workout.


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Barehanded: poemsBarehanded: Poems

My collection of poems. It’s a quick read, and not a bad collection for people who don’t like poetry, in general. Super-accessible.

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This is the one you want to read if you like this web site. What you’ll find here is a collection of some early, early blogs. I’m talking MySpace, if that timestamps it for you. Learn the origin of Helpfulsnowman.com, which has a lot to do with pee. Surprise.
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Tough Shoot: a short essayTough Shoot: a short essay

This is a quick essay I wrote during my time at Tom Spanbauer’s intensive Dangerous Writing workshop. Which I recommend to anyone. The workshop, I mean. The essay is good, but not THAT good.

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The First of MeThe First of Me: Stories

A nice little collection of short stories. Older stuff. You’ll find something you like in here.

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Ninja SonsNinja Sons

Ah, Ninja Sons. Easily one of the stupidest things I’ve written. Which is saying something. I’ve written about a machine that turns any liquid into urine. See Origins for details.

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I also review a lot of stuff on Goodreads. And by “review”, I mean write stuff that’s kinda related to whatever I’m reviewing.

On-going fiction project:

Pete’s Unsent Love Letters


Phone Tree Inclement Weather

This is a hand grenade



A Very Unfortunate Officer

Tough Shoot



The Way Woody Tells It (as published on biostories.com)



A Short Screenplay:

Fixture Sale