Marathon Journey: Day 23

We talked a little about carrying water. But I don’t think I knew what I was getting into.

I mean, look at all this stuff!

Let’s look at some options.

This is probably overkill. Also, I feel like this vest, with the placement of bottles, is like some kind of joke, a commentary on what it feels like to be a new mom.

Now here’s an option. A water BAG tied to your hand. I guess I could tie one to each hand? And hope to Christ my shoes don’t come untied until I’ve polished off my water supply.

I do like the idea of the water bag. Seems light to carry once it’s empty. Although I think it’ll make me long for a Capri Sun.

This seems like a likely type of candidate. I just don’t like something about how it’s futurisitic or something. I hate that. Why does all running stuff have to look so future-y? The people who set the trends in running have never heard of retro.

I wish I’d thought of this. If I were to raise and feed a dog, couldn’t that dog mule some water for me? Is it asking so much for a dog to wear a Camelbak? It seems a little cruel, but on the other hand, people bring their dogs on planes all the time, and that’s gotta be fucking terrifying for an untrained dog. This seems like a pretty low-level form of service. Maybe what I need is a dog relay system. Just have a dog who goes a couple miles, then another dog tied up somewhere, waiting, and those dogs trade out. The downside is that I’d have to get a minimum of 5 dogs to make this work. The upside is I’d have to get a minimum of 5 dogs to make this work.


Here’s a possibility. Just make a water bottle holder from a koozie? Seems easy enough. Although Pinterest shit looking easy has been my downfall more than once. Cooking, construction, crafting. You name it, Pinterest has made it look deceptively easy.