Marathon Journey: Day 22

I’m coming up to a problem.

My long run this week is supposed to be 90 minutes. Which is a pretty long time to be doing anything. Let alone running out in the sun.

Before long I’m going to need some kind of way to get a drink of water here and there.

Which isn’t REALLY a problem. The problem is how to do this without being a dork.

I understand that I AM, in fact, a dork. In most aspects of my life, at most times. The thing is, I’m just a natural dork most of the time, so it’s hard to leave the house doing something dorky on purpose. I feel like it’ll just make things worse.

Also, I have a certain disdain for the amount of water people carry around at races and whatnot. How much water do you need, in addition to the certainty of at least one aid station, to make it 3.1 miles? I walked a 5K with my mom on Mother’s Day. It wasn’t lightning fast, about an hour. I wouldn’t say that I was desperately thirsty at the end, and neither was my mom.

It’s like I want some way to tell people, “Dude, I promise, I need this water. Trust me, I would probably die out here without it. Perish even. The difference being that a perishment is more dramatic.”

But that’s also very stupid. Why separate myself from the rabble? Why pretend like I’m better than some other person because they need WATER for fuck’s sake? After oxygen, it’s the most necessary thing to sustain human life. And frankly, while running, oxygen is also in short supply.

I’m starting to think that this running thing may be the problem here. At least the common factor.