Marathon Journey: Day 17

There was a need to make an adjustment.

See, on the weekend I’m headed to do some tubing. Which is a sport that involves drinking beers while floating down a river. This wouldn’t seem like something that would prevent me from running, but I’m pretty good a tubing, and that means that I’ll drink enough beers to prevent me from running that particular day. This is a feat of athleticism that I don’t recommend for everyone.

What it means is that I have to deviate from my carefully-planned (in other words, not planned by me or with any input FROM me) plan.

Messing with the plan seems like a bad idea, on the whole. Why? Because it’s one small step that starts any journey, including a journey to not running a marathon. It starts with skipping a day, then it turns into skipping two days, and then it’s like, “Maybe instead of running a marathon in Vegas I should see if I can eat a suitcase of In N’ Out in the time it would’ve taken me to run the race.” Just me and a toilet against the clock and a box of burgers.

Which is why I’m trying to stick to the plan as much as possible, but also recognize that these things will happen.