Marathon Journey: Day 15

While running I’ve seen a lot of kitties. I don’t know why this keeps happening. I guess, as a runner, you see a lot more cats roaming about because you yourself are roaming about.

This is a very underrated and under-publicized bonus for runners. Everyone will say how you’ll find a dead body. Which, by the way, doesn’t sound so bad. Hell, those kids in Stand By Me walked a long-ass way specifically to see a body. Lucky you, you just tripped over one during the course of your day.

What people won’t tell you is that you’ll be running in an alley, and you’ll see a kitty up ahead, and when you get close, that kitty will continue on its path, and it’ll stop long enough to smell your hand and touch your finger with its nose.

People will also neglect to tell you that you’ll come across your spirit animal, a tortie eating a big pile of popcorn that was spilled in a parking lot.

There’s been lots of other stuff too. I saw my first raccoons running in the city. I saw him waddle across the street and make a quick, athletic dive into a sewer. I’ve seen bats. Foxes. Rabbits like crazy. Snakes.

There’s a lot of shit out there, is what I’m saying, and a pretty decent amount of it is alive.