Charitable Donation of the Moment: Flop House/ACLU

When donating to charity it’s not always possible to donate to the arts without thinking, “Damn, maybe I should be donating to something more serious.” And it’s hard to donate to something more serious without thinking, “Shitballs, who is going to fund the arts?”

Luckily, you can do both!

The Flop House (an awesome podcast that you NEED in your life) has created a comic book that you can buy, pay what you want, and the profits go to the ACLU.

Maybe you already donated to the ACLU. Great! I’m sure they could find a use for another ten spot.

Maybe you noticed that “all proceeds go to the ACLU” as opposed to all the money. If it makes you feel any better, there were some comic book costs, and they’ve already been covered. So all of YOUR money will go to the ACLU, you lucky ducky.

The comic book you get is great. It’s written by Dan McCoy, Flop House Leonardo and writer at The Daily Show. It’s a Tales From The Crypt style story, and the art is top notch too.

Maybe you’re saying, “But I don’t like comics.” Fortunately, there’s an alternative: Fuck off, asshole.

Donate today: