Donation Spot Of The Moment: Maximum Fun!

Every year Maximum Fun does their MaxFun Drive. I’m not sure about the spacing on that. Maxfun Drive? MaxFun Drive? MaxFunDrive? Also, they never answered my letters (shouting out of my apartment window) regarding calling it Maximum Funverdrive. But whatever.

The important thing is, Maximum Fun is a really rad podcast network, and you can donate to it.

Now, I know what you’re thinking. Maybe.

You’re thinking, “But Pete, donating to podcasts? Shouldn’t I be giving to like the ACLU or something?”

My response to that is…yes! And also, giving cash isn’t about checking the box, giving it to one spot and then waving all others away like, “Dude, I already do that bullshit.”

My other response is, Maximum Fun is a lot more than just a boring ass podcast network looking to get rich off your dime. The cash goes back into programming, and you can tell. And if you’re someone who bellyaches about every podcast being a couple of white dudes sitting around and talking about white dude shit, check out Maximum Fun. They have that, and they have lots of other stuff too.

They also have a couple of my all-time favorites, Jordan, Jesse Go! and The Flop House. And if you look at their lineup, it’s like a breeding ground for shit that gets turned into TV. Listen to MaxFun and you’re listening to the people who will be on a new show in a couple months, and then you’ll be able to say, “Eh, I liked Ricky Carmona better back when.”

Finally, I like to promote other artists, if I may be so bold, because promoting yourself as a creator isn’t always easy. It doesn’t feel natural all the time. It makes you question your own motives in a shitty, false way. Even when you work hard on something and it’s legitimately good, you’ll question yourself the second you hold your hand out for cash. Which is dumb but natural, and that’s why we’re here now.

I don’t think Maximum Fun is doing it for the money. I think they’re doing it, and doing it with a little money goes A LOT better.