Digitally Stimulated Issue 04

I’m excited to announce that me and my brother have completed Digitally Stimulated: Issue 04. The Mario Issue!

It’s probably kinda dumb to write an issue about Mario. What’s left to be said? Everything from the Kuribo Shoe to the submarine in Mario Land has been done to death.

So what do we bring to the table? Brotherly argument. The type that only brothers can successfully engage in, and which usually ends in punching.

Wait, that’s not fair. ALWAYS ends in punching.

After we finished arguing, I punched a piece of clay, let it dry, and then sent the slab to my brother. It was expensive, and when I was at the post office I had to lie and say I wasn’t sending anything hazardous. Because I can’t think of anything MORE hazardous than my fist doing a punch.

This is also an exciting moment because the issue is only 99-cents. That’s fucking cheap as fuck. We make 35-cents from each sale, divided by two, which is less than two dimes apiece. That’s kinda fucked up, eh? That we’re willing to allow such a low introductory price?

Then, if I have my way, the issues will go up to $24.99 apiece. That way, when they come out and are 99-cents, you’ll be damn sure to buy them before surge pricing goes into effect.

There’s almost no chance I’ll have my way. Because Ian also gets to decide, and also because my way is profoundly stupid.

Anyway, enjoy!